A Year Of Hope

Hope Hospital the world's first ever crowdfunded hospital. Photo credit: Independent Doctors Association.

If you’ve been keeping up with CanDo, you may know it’s been a year since we launched the People’s Convoy, to rebuild a children’s hospital in Syria.

It exists thanks to the generosity of people from all over the world, from all walks of life, and was named Hope Hospital to pay tribute to this triumph of humanity.

Since it opened its doors there have been some highs and lows, but through all the challenges of hospital life, one thing remains constant: the amazing dedication of the doctors, nurses and aid workers of the Independent Doctors Association (IDA).

We’re proud to work in partnership with IDA, and plan to connect the CanDo community to more vital crowdfunding campaigns on their behalf — we’ll keep you posted!

For now, we’d love to show you what a year of hope looks like.


Rebuilding hope


The People’s Convoy reaches Syria


Did you know that this was the seventh time the children’s hospital was rebuilt? After the previous hospital was bombed out of existence, the People’s Convoy campaign was launched.

Amazingly, in just over 2 weeks, 38 organisations and almost 5,000 people around the world, raised enough money to rebuild and run the hospital for 3 months.

Our team drove a lorry loaded with vital medical supplies over 2,500 miles from London to the Syrian border. Our CEO and founder Dr. Rola Hallam arrived on Christmas eve to handover the crowdfunded cargo, along with hundreds of messages of support and solidarity.


A sign goes up


A lot of work went into transforming the building. The team fitted an ER department, constructed an outpatient and waiting area, connected a clean water supply to the centre of the building — the list continues.


Hurray for a hospital first!


Nurse Malak and the team with a 4-day-old baby


Just one month after the hospital doors opened the team carried out a full blood exchange (a procedure which is similar to a blood transfusion) on a four-day-old baby boy.

It was the first time this complicated procedure had been done at the hospital, it took five medics three hours to complete — we’re over the moon it was a success!


Repairing little lungs


A child is treated for hypothermia and pneumonia


Hope Hospital regularly treats critically ill children with chest infections. In fact, during the months of June and July, 1,550 children were diagnosed with respiratory infections.

This two-year-old came to Hope Hospital suffering from a terrible cough, as well as hypothermia. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and given an antibiotic treatment for seven days, to help her get well.


Providing the best start


A newborn rests in an incubator


CanDo believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right, and that begins at birth.

From April to August last year 1,394 children under the age of one visited Hope Hospital.


Medical staff prepare treatment


Hope Hospital is kitted out with a special care baby unit to look after premature and sick newborns. The room features seven incubators, as well as two intensive phototherapy units — which are used to treat babies with jaundice.


Brave souls save lives


A member of the team attends a young patient


It’s the commitment of the selfless staff at Hope Hospital that keeps it going. Along with the paediatrician nurses, and trainee nurses, there are other equally vital people like the laboratory technicians and the pharmacist who work there.


Nourishing the local community


A child is assessed for malnutrition


Hope Hospital has its own malnutrition clinic that’s been up and running since June, two doctors and five nurses help make children healthy again. By December the clinic had treated 1002 cases.


One-of-a-kind care


A young patient is examined


Hope Hospital is the only specialist children’s hospital in the area. It’s been a vital lifeline providing inpatient, outpatient, and 24-hour emergency care, serving a population of 170,000 people.


Here’s to a hopeful future



We recently received the uplifting news that IDA has attached a new maternity unit to their hospital, helping to deliver 50 newborns already.

It’s inspiring to think of what we’re capable of when we all come together. To all the CanDoers who were involved in rebuilding Hope Hospital — we simply cannot express our gratitude enough.

What will we achieve together next?

Keep an eye out for an upcoming campaign to extend the funding of Hope Hospital. Sign up here as a CanDoer to receive updates!