Partnering With Us




As a local humanitarian organisation, you are delivering help and hope to people in the war-affected areas you work in - often at a risk to your own lives. We recognise this.

We also recognise that the existing humanitarian system is failing you - because you don’t have access to the resources you need to do your good work.

This is where CanDo can help you. We can give you access to the resources you need to provide that critical health response by linking you to a global community of donors. And we’re fully invested in the success of each of our partners, as our own successes are linked to how well you do.

What do our local partners receive

Direct access to funding

We help you raise funds directly from the public (commonly known as ‘crowdfunding’) by linking you to an international community that believes in supporting local humanitarian efforts.

Campaigns led by you (not organisational donors)

You know exactly what your communities need. So you have full independence and ownership of your own campaign/s.

Support throughout the process

We help with ‘capacity building’ - which means we help you run a successful crowdfunding campaign by guiding you through its implementation, communications, and evaluation.

Build international support

We’ll help you build strong international support (mostly in the US and Europe) and provide a platform for you to advocate your cause.

Lead a new humanitarian vision

As a CanDo partner your organisation becomes part of a collective movement towards a more just and dignified humanitarian response.

Is your organisation eligible?

The first step to becoming our newest partner is to ensure you meet our basic requirements. These are:

You are a registered local, national or diaspora non-government organisation, civil society organisation or humanitarian group.

You are working on a conflict response or resultant refugee crisis.

You are working on health related programmes.

You are implementing your health projects directly rather than through sub-partners.

You have a bank account that will enable legal transfers of funds from the UK.

You have staff who have previously implemented health projects using donor funding.

Your board and the managing directors are not on any sanctions list or have been, or currently are under illegal investigation.

If your organisation fits all of the above requirements, you can email to start your application process now.

What's next?

We aim to get back to you within 10 days to discuss your application.

If your application to partner with us is accepted, we work with you to turn your project into a fundraising campaign. And we’ll support you while you produce your campaign materials and communications plans.

Our current partners