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Are you considering partnering with CanDo? Great! This page gives you more information about what that partnership looks like, the principles we base our relationships with partners on, and our promise to our partners.

An Overview of the CanDo Partnership Journey

Stage 1: Initial Application

Timeframe: Approximately 3-6 weeks

CanDo Counterpart: CanDo Partner Liaison Officer

CanDo are trusted by the public and accountable to the UK Charity Commission to uphold high standards of quality programmes and transparent financial conduct. To ensure you meet this standard, all partners must complete an application form, and background and reference checks. The CanDo review panel will review review these and confirm if you will be invited to partner with CanDo, and if so at what tier. Should you not be invited to partner with us, we will provide feedback as to why.

Once officially a partner, we’ll start providing you with training and workshops on crowdfunding, community building and impact reporting to support you in your upcoming campaigns. 

Stage 2: Design your health project campaign

Timeframe: Approximately 2-3 weeks

CanDo Counterpart: CanDo Programmes Team and Communications Team

At this stage, partners will produce a health project campaign. CanDo have designed an application process that streamlines the combination of a health project proposal and campaign production. Partner projects can vary in range from quick impact projects to medium term interventions. These will range from a minimum of 1 month to 6 months, with a preference on a 3 month project range. If you have multiple options, our communications and crowdfunding experts will support you to determine which of your projects may resonate with various audiences for crowdfunding purposes.

At this design stage you will work with CanDo technical staff who will guide you on best practices and ensure that your projects use a Human Centered design approach. We do expect our partners to have a competent knowledge of the technical aspects of project and its intended beneficiaries, prior to suggesting it. 

It is your responsibility to community build, advertise and make their campaigns work, but the CanDo Communications Team will provide training and support to maximise your chances of the campaigns’ success. Experience has shown us that the more time spent prior to launching, on community building the better. We will mentor you through this community building activity for your first three campaigns. After that, we hope you and your team can manage alone.

Stage 3: Running your campaign

Timeframe: Between 3-6 weeks

CanDo Counterpart: CanDo Communications Team

Congratulations, your campaign is live! Now you will continue to follow your community building plan to give your campaign the best chance of succeeding, undertaking activity like regular text, image and video updates on the campaign page, social media messaging, going to events where similar causes are being spotlighted.

Throughout this stage CanDo’s team of social media, communications, crowdfunding and marketing experts will support you with advice and regular tips on engaging your audience.


Stage 4: Implementation and reporting

Timeframe: Dependent on project

CanDo Counterpart: Senior Health Officer

If your campaign is successful - congratulations! Your CanDo liaison will be in touch with you to walk you through the next steps. This shall entail the signing of a grant agreement, and the dispatch of 100% of your crowdfunded campaign funds!

Once you have received your funds you will be obligated by the stipulations of the grant agreement and the scope of work outlined in it. The grant agreement also stipulates your reporting requirements, with the majority of the focus being on updating your community as frequently as you can. You will keep us and the CanDo community updated with your activity, providing project updates and more detailed reports. At the conclusion of the project you will provide a report about its implementation, and a campaign summary for the CanDo website. Our team will support you in producing these.

If for some reason your campaign was unable to reach its targeted amount, there are different next steps.

As most campaigns are all or nothing, the money raised will be used to support other projects on the platform, giving them a chance to be 100% successful. At this stage you can try to re-package your project and try again, or select another project. Your liaison officer will reach out and discuss these options with you.

We will also provide feedback and undertake a review with you as to why your campaign may not have been successful and how we can improve for future campaigns.

Ready to partner with us?

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