• Motherhood and feminine power

    In February my daughter was born...It has been the single most expansive experience of my life
  • Big I

    Locked down in isolation with 7 billion people fearing for their lives isn’t how I imagined maternity leave. But this virus has demonstrated to us something most of us forget in our daily lives - that what happens to someone in China directly affects me in the UK and what I do affects someone in the USA.  
  • Idlib Emergency

    These past few weeks have been extremes of joy and despair. The joy — the little baby girl we welcomed last month — is next to me, held close to my heart and sheltered from all the chaos in the world. The despair — the nightmare unfolding in Syria — is one where mothers do not have that same luxury.
  • New beginnings

    I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. It seems they often do the exact opposite of their purpose; or perhaps it’s only me who never failed to screw them up year in, year out.
  • The Hopeful Heart

    War and hope are not natural bedfellows and yet the prelude to Syria’s war was rooted in just that - hope.
  • Updates from the Ground: September

    In this September edition, CanDo’s Shorouk brings you the latest from our partners on the ground.
  • Are You A Human Ostrich?

    I crouch next to the toilet trying to suppress the wave of nausea that threatens to take over me. I wonder for the 100th time if I should leave the WhatsApp group. ‘I can’t bear to see these photos anymore’, I think to myself...
  • Choosing dignity and humanity to make lasting change

    I strongly believe that to make the most effective change we need to change the narrative first. We need to shift the balance away from an inward looking, ‘how does this affect me’ attitude, towards an empathic, outward looking, ‘we’re all in this together’ viewpoint.
  • Reflections on an anniversary

    I think these days are about reflecting on what are the lessons learnt. It is the lessons and not only the events that have unfolded that are universal lessons for all of humanity and that’s why the day is important; not just for Syrians but for all of us. We can shed tears and lament but it is only by extracting lessons and collectively learning, only by all of us renewing wholeheartedly our ‘never again’ promise, that something positive and meaningful can come out of such disasters.