• Updates from the Ground: September

    In this September edition, CanDo’s Shorouk brings you the latest from our partners on the ground.
  • Are You A Human Ostrich?

    I crouch next to the toilet trying to suppress the wave of nausea that threatens to take over me. I wonder for the 100th time if I should leave the WhatsApp group. ‘I can’t bear to see these photos anymore’, I think to myself...
  • Choosing dignity and humanity to make lasting change

    I strongly believe that to make the most effective change we need to change the narrative first. We need to shift the balance away from an inward looking, ‘how does this affect me’ attitude, towards an empathic, outward looking, ‘we’re all in this together’ viewpoint.
  • Reflections on an anniversary

    I think these days are about reflecting on what are the lessons learnt. It is the lessons and not only the events that have unfolded that are universal lessons for all of humanity and that’s why the day is important; not just for Syrians but for all of us. We can shed tears and lament but it is only by extracting lessons and collectively learning, only by all of us renewing wholeheartedly our ‘never again’ promise, that something positive and meaningful can come out of such disasters.
  • Walking the talk

    For me, a humanitarian is someone who wants a fair deal for people - who wants to help people who are not as well off as them. 
  • Small consistent efforts can change the world

    Too often, I hear from friends that they are overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the world’s problems and so end up doing nothing - they feel that their tiny actions won’t matter. But I think they are wrong.
  • Storytelling is saving children’s lives in Syria

    I worry about my kids falling and hurting themselves. Parents and guardians in war-torn Syria are scared to let their children out to play in case they step on a landmine...
  • Imagine not being able to call the midwife

    I’ve worked with medics for over 16 years, but I never knew the half of what these angels did, or the pressure they are under, especially during the delivery...
  • Syrian Sisters Gain a Chance at Life

    Twins Lilas and Lilian at their home. Photo credit: Independent Doctors Association.