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  • First Aid for the Tired Soul

    War brings with it lasting trauma and severe mental health issues for so many of the children and families caught in the middle of it. Yet these issues are so often overlooked in crisis situations. Help us teach communities to support their most vulnerable and provide them with tools to cope. #Rise4Idlib #PsychologicalFirstAid

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    Campaign funded

  • Community Health Heroes

    Disability, age and fear of being bombed shouldn’t stop you from accessing healthcare. Our health staff believe this passionately - which is why they’re risking their lives to help the most vulnerable. #Rise4Idlib #CommunityHealthHeroes

    100% of £12,265


    Campaign funded

  • Protect our Children

    We will give children arriving at camps protection kits to support them to be the children they were before bombs started falling around them. Please help us to support them now. #Rise4Idlib

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    Campaign funded

  • Medics on the Move

    Our hospital in Idlib was just bombed to the ground. So we're bringing hospitals to the people instead. Support our campaign to provide mobile health centres for people in Idlib's camps. #Rise4Idlib

    100% of £30,000


    Campaign funded

  • 1 Hot Meal

    Over 150,000 people have been displaced in Northwest Syria due to renewed heavy bombing - many without any access to food or shelter. We will be identifying the most vulnerable and ensuring they receive 1 squre meal per day.  Support us now and #Rise4Idlib

    100% of £20,000


    Campaign funded

  • Midwives Save Lives

    Women in Syria are needlessly dying during childbirth due to a lack of qualified midwives. Please contribute to our campaign and help save the lives of more Syrian mothers and their babies. #MidwivesSaveLives

    100% of £59,963


    Campaign funded

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