Emergency Support: #Rise4Idlib

Violence has escalated dramatically in Idlib, Northwestern Syria since the end of April and as bombs rain down around them, our partners need all the help they can get to help keep the Syrian people safe. #Rise4Idlib by supporting CanDo’s acute emergency projects and help our partners save lives now.


The emergency

Since 29th April at least 300 civilians have been killed, many more seriously injured and over 270,000 people displaced due to an escalation of airstrikes, indiscriminate barrel bomb attacks and artillery strikes on Hama and Idlib countryside in Northwestern Syria.

We are once again witnessing the targeting of health facilities and schools - a violation of international humanitarian law. Reports are stating that at least sixteen health facilities and fifteen schools have been targeted by airstrikes and artillery shelling, already resulting in the death of 8 children.


Our response

We can’t stop the bombs from falling. But there is much we can still do to help. CanDo has released emergency funding to support our partners working in Idlib to provide the wounded and the displaced with the identified critical needs: essential primary care, shelter and food.

Now we are calling upon the global community to support our partners emergency appeals to enable these heroic local partners to reach thousands more of those most in need.



Emergency Support #Rise4Idlib

#Rise4Idlib by supporting CanDo’s acute emergency projects and help our partners save lives now.



The destruction of these medical facilities has left the most vulnerable with no access to medical care. Our partners’ mobile clinics may be the only access to healthcare people will have and the only way to reach them. And for the hundreds of thousands of people who have fled from bombs, we need to support them by providing for their basic human needs: food and shelter.

The humanitarian situation in Idlib is incredibly grave. But we are already moving. Our partners are already right there on the ground, providing support, resolving problems. #Rise4Idlib and support their incredibly important work now by joining our emergency appeal.

Dina Prior, CanDo’s Head of Programmes said:

“Our local partners are incredible examples of human resilience. Hand in Hand’s hospital was bombed and is now unusable -  their response? To set up emergency mobile clinics. Ghiras Al Nahda’s Office Manager’s house was reduced to rubble by bombings on Monday night. On Tuesday he was planning a food distribution campaign for people affected by the attacks. An Al Ameen team member, Khalid Hadid was killed in airstrikes just days ago. His colleagues - instead of hiding or mourning - are planning how to provide shelter to others. Our partners are courageous, resilient and some of the best individuals I know. I’m proud to be supporting them at their time of greatest need for global solidarity.” 


What you need to know 

Our funding target: With over 270,000 newly displaced people to support, our local partners will provide aid to as many people as they possibly can with your generous support. The situation on the ground is changing day to day and as such, if campaigns do not reach their targets - or should we raise more money than is needed for this emergency appeal - we will use ours and our partners’ expertise to discern how to reallocate funds where they are needed most. In either case, contributors will be informed where this money is being spent and why.


Distribution of funds:

Due to the urgency, CanDo will release funds directly to partners for the specific emergency on a weekly basis based on assessment of needs.

How else can I help:

There are many ways you can use your voice to make a difference

Convince two other people to support the campaign and you’ll treble your impact 

Share our message and our campaign to #Rise4Idlib tagging journalists, media outlets and socially-conscious celebrities to help raise awareness of the atrocities happening and the need for the international community to respond 

Show your appreciation and solidarity for our incredible local partners: @HIHFADUK and @GhirasAlnahda 

Find out more: 

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