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Hurras is a Syrian-based human rights organisation. It works in cooperation with partners and volunteers to deliver psychological, social and educational initiatives to children. On top of this, the organisation aims to build young Syrians’ awareness of their rights, and provide them with confidence to feel empowered and to protect themselves.


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Protect our Children

We will give children arriving at camps protection kits to support them to be the children they were before bombs started falling around them. Please help us to support them now. #Rise4Idlib
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Northwest Syria


Heavy bombing has forced thousands of Syria's young girls and boys to flee their towns and villages to avoid joining the dead or wounded. 

Their new life is hard, fraught with confusion and need. Many have fled their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs and risk developing illnesses due to lack of sanitation in the camps' tough environments. This problem is particularly acute for young girls, many of whom are without their mothers. The lack of feminine hygiene products and underwear often forces them to use unsafe materials, frequently leading to infection and disease. And sadly, the trauma of the war means children are particularly vulnerable to being neglected or worse - exploited through child labour or child marriage. 

We will not forget Syria's children at this time of greatest need - and we hope you won't either

Hurras will work to mitigate these issues by preparing protection kits to give to 440 children upon their arrival at the camps, which also means we can identify and monitor children in need of further support. We have put together backpacks containing the essentials to keep children healthy, safe and aware of the dangers of their new lives. Toothbrushes, soap and sanitary towels for the girls will help to keep them healthy, whilst fresh underwear, shoes and socks will support their physical and psychological wellbeing, and Hurras' child protection leaflets will make them aware of their rights, the warning signs to look out for and how to contact Hurras' staff. We've also provided small toys for the children to welcome them into the camp and keep them entertained and distracted from their often hard existence. 

With your help, we can support Syria's children at one of the most potentially distressing times of their lives, bringing a sense of normalcy and dignity whilst helping to keep them safe from harm. Crucially, for the first time in a long time during this conflict, you can let them be just children again, if only for a moment. 

8 year old Khaled was forced to flee with his family to avoid being killed or buried under the rubble from bombings. They stayed in a camp in a safer town that had not been bombed yet. But Khaled did not feel safe, because he left his toys, storybooks, and colours behind at home. The sound of explosions, fear, and panic caused him anxiety that he couldn’t get over. For four days Khaled cried and refused to leave his tent. 

Hurras' response team and case management department worked together to help Khaled to overcome the trauma he was experiencing through group activities and games that help children to communicate, better understand their own feelings and thoughts, and prevent or resolve psychosocial challenges.

The response team also succeeded in bringing a smile to Khaled's face through the new clothes, the sketchbook and the colours that Khaled received in his Protection Kit which helped him through the initial period of pain, hardship, and bitter displacement.

We can all play our part in helping children like Khaled, innocent victims of war, and relieve their painful reality by providing them with protection kits.

One protection kit costs just £22.50 and supports 440 children to be the kids they were before bombs started falling around them.

What you need to know

The Protection Kits

The Protection Kits will include towels, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, combs and nail clippers as well as clothes, hats, a battery flashlight and toys. Please note - we are still working to put these kits contents together based on the continually-changing situation so more contents will be added or changed based on the greatest need. Given the state of emergency and the particular vulnerabilities and requirements of these children, we are trying to work as fast as possible to support them. We hope you can help us make this happen.  

Our funding target:

With over 152,000 newly displaced people to support, we are working to provide aid to as many people as they possibly can with your generous support. The situation on the ground will change day to day and as such we will keep the funding above our initial target if the global community is willing to support our partners' work. Should we raise more money than is needed for this emergency appeal, we will use ours and our partners’ expertise to discern how to reallocate any additional funds where it is needed most. In this case, contributors will be informed where this money is being spent and why.

Distribution of funds:

Due to the urgency, CanDo has agreed to release funds directly to partners for the specific emergency on a weekly basis based on assessment of needs.

How else can I help:

There are many ways you can use your voice to make a difference:

Convince two other people to support the campaign and you’ll treble your impact 

Share our message and our campaign to #Rise4Idlib tagging journalists, media outlets and socially-conscious celebrities to help raise awareness of the atrocities happening and the need for the international community to respond 

Keep up to date with our work via our Facebook

Find out more:

Read more about the latest attacks on the BBC, GuardianRelief Web and Reuters





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