Our CanDo Community

Who we are

We are a pioneering global community of humanitarians working to transform the way the world supports people in war-devastated areas. We believe that critical life-saving work is done at the front lines of crisis, by local life-savers and that by working together and channeling resources to those local humanitarians on the ground, we can have the biggest impact and can save the most lives.

CanDo relies upon the inherent good nature of people and the firm belief that the power of collective action can solve problems. We believe that everyone is a humanitarian with the desire to help alleviate suffering, and it’s our mission to help make that happen.

Want to get to know us better? You can read our manifesto.


Our Manifesto


What we do

We get the right aid, to the right person, at the right time, to the people who need it the most. CanDo pioneers people-to-people aid to invest in and resource local humanitarians to save more lives in war-devastated areas. We enable people from around the world to support cost-effective, locally-led, life-saving health interventions, efficiently and quickly.

Our Focus


How we do it

Efficiently. We believe that the traditional aid model does not work in the favour of local humanitarians, or the people whose lives they’re trying to save. So we work differently. We mobilise global citizens, philanthropists and strategic partners and connect them directly to local responders. Our innovative technological crowdfunding platform allows humanitarians to choose their campaign, all of which have been vetted by our team.

100% of your support gets exactly where you want it to go to: no resources are diverted. If the campaign reaches its target, we’ll keep you updated on the lifesaving work you’re helping to support.



We’re committed to testing our model and generating data, to innovate and advance the aid system, whether through technology or how we work with humanitarian partners.


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Why CanDo

As part of CanDo you:


Directly support a community

our money gets straight to the heart of the problem. By supporting local humanitarians, war-devastated areas are receiving access to essential to life-saving healthcare services.

See your personal impact

Select the crowdfunding campaign you’d like to support, and we’ll show you exactly how many lives your individual and collective contributions have had an impact on

Trust where your money is going

We rigorously assess each local humanitarian partner. This ensures your money reaches and impacts those in need - and is not lost in the layered international aid system.

Become part of a global humanitarian community

Being a CanDoer means building a movement of like-minded people - people like us who believe that collective action can bring transformational change to a broken aid system and as a result will save lives and reduce suffering.


Get to know us

Why do we focus on health?

We believe healthcare is a fundamental human right. In war zones limited access to healthcare means millions are dying or suffering needlessly. Children die of treatable illnesses, women have no birth attendants and there are no anaesthetics for surgery.


Why start with Syria?

We’re testing our model in Syria, the world’s largest, most complex crisis of the present day. Beyond 2020 we aim to bring our global solution to local humanitarians in other communities affected by war.


Be part of the solution

Join our community today. Read about campaigns the CanDo community has supported so far, meet some of our partner organisations to learn about what they do or read some of our frequently asked questions to understand more about our movement.