Our Partners


PHOTO CREDIT: Lens of a Young Homsi

We are pioneering locally-led humanitarian aid, enabling local medics and aid workers to save more lives in their war-devastated areas.


Our partners are the first and often only responders for people in war-devastated areas, but they are being let down by a broken aid system.


One that fails to recognise their expertise in their own country, that takes a one-size fits all approach to aid delivery - rather than listening to what is really needed in the context at the time, one that fails to deliver the resources they really need to save more lives. 


Local, on-the-ground groups, networks and organisations deliver 75% of the humanitarian work in places like Syria, yet they receive less than 1% of the available funds. CanDo exists to connect the people who are on the ground, saving lives, and the millions of us around the world who want to help them but don’t know the most efficient and effective way to do so.

Meet our local partners

CanDo resources a trusted network of vetted local humanitarian organisations to provide essential life-saving health interventions.

Our partners deliver impactful, locally-led, needs-based and cost effective life-saving health interventions, efficiently and quickly. These local humanitarian organisations are the people who can and do help in war-devastated area to deliver essential life-saving interventions: medical, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, hygiene, mental health and psychological support and protection campaigns.


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