Our services

What services do we provide?

Assessing and vetting local humanitarian partners

We want to be absolutely certain that our donors are supporting credible and trustworthy projects  - and that money is going to the right places. So before we take on any partner, we rigorously assess and vet them.

Skills transfer and organisational development

While local humanitarians are skilled in their area, most will have no experience of running crowdfunding campaigns (or dealing with donors from around the world). We provide them with mentoring and support on fundraising and all the things that come with it.

Impact monitoring and reporting

Accountability is central to CanDo. Our vision is all about channelling contributions more efficiently to save lives. To do this, we monitor our local humanitarian partners so that donors have full confidence that their support is having an impact. This means measuring, testing, impact assessing and helping refine their campaigns.

How does it work?

As a UK charity, we can claim tax breaks and gift aid
We apply a 10% impact fee to make our work sustainable*
We pass on 100% of your contribution to the local humanitarian

*Yeah, we know - this is much less than the other charities deduct.

Ok, so here is an example:

Say you want to donate £100

We then add an ‘impact fee’ of £10

So your total donation is £110

£100 goes to the local humanitarian. And £10 goes towards the work that we do.