Ghiras Al Nahda

Ghiras Al Nahda is a non-government, non-profit organisation. From numerous bases both inside Syria and Turkey, the organisation’s volunteers focus on helping Syrian civilians in two areas: Firstly, they operate emergency response such as the provision of food and shelter. Secondly, they run forward-looking developmental projects, focused on empowerment through education and access to livelihoods.

So far, Ghiras Al Nahda’s projects have touched almost one million people - largely in the besieged and hard to reach areas in and around Damascus, as well as the Arsal Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon. The organisation is also a founding member of both the Syrian NGO’s Alliance and Syrian Relief Network. Plus, it is a founding member of the management of coordination of relief work in Eastern Ghouta, and an active member of OCHA - advocating the Syrian cause.




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