Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HIHFAD) operating as Hand in Hand for Syria, was established as a UK registered charity soon after the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011 by a group of British Syrians. Our initial purpose was to deliver humanitarian assistance to civilians impacted by the conflict in Syria. The charity has grown to become one of the leading humanitarian actors, serving Syrian communities both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries. Employing over 600 staff, we focus on delivering multi-sectoral, reintegrated programmes to the most vulnerable.

HIHFAD envisages a stable, secure and just Syria with a healthy and thriving socioeconomic system. We envision a dignified, nourishing Syrian society.

HIHFAD goal is to empower every Syrian in need by strengthening resilience, distributing humanitarian aid, reconstructing vital infrastructure and implementing sustainable livelihood programs directly inside Syria, including hard-to-reach areas.

HIHFAD aspires to achieve the highest of standards within humanitarian values. At the heart of our work ethics lies an untiring commitment to transparency, accountability and integrity. These are the foundations of our individual and collective actions. HIHFAD reaches out and helps people regardless of their religion, ethnic origin or political standing.

Health - WASH - FSL - Shelter - NFI - Protection

  • Midwives Save Lives

    Women in Syria are needlessly dying during childbirth due to a lack of qualified midwives. Please contribute to our campaign and help save the lives of more Syrian mothers and their babies. #MidwivesSaveLives

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  • Medics on the Move

    Our hospital in Idlib was just bombed to the ground. So we're bringing hospitals to the people instead. Support our campaign to provide mobile health centres for people in Idlib's camps. #Rise4Idlib

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    Campaign funded