Insan - which means ‘Human’ - is a non-profit organisation that offers psychosocial support to Syrian refugees, plus training to those working in refugee camps. It was set up by a group of psychologists back in 2012, as a response to the atrocities of the first rape cases in Homs, Syria.

Its efforts aren’t just focused on those Syrians devastated by the war, but any Syrian that endures psychological trauma in any shape or form. It runs educational campaigns around psychosocial issues, the Islamic faith, and general trauma and catastrophic events.

From its offices based in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, the organisation has already helped over 30,000 people. One of its latest campaigns - known as ‘Karramany’ - focuses on ending sexual harassment through a prevention program that works in conjunction with the principals of the Islamic faith.

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  • First Aid for the Tired Soul

    War brings with it lasting trauma and severe mental health issues for so many of the children and families caught in the middle of it. Yet these issues are so often overlooked in crisis situations. Help us teach communities to support their most vulnerable and provide them with tools to cope. #Rise4Idlib #PsychologicalFirstAid

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  • Repairing broken hearts & minds

    Syrian women in Al Ghouta are exposed to continuous shellıng, starvation, and little access to healthcare, all without an opportunity to leave their homes. They desperately need psychological support. You can help make sure they get it. 

    Campaign funded

  • A Lifeline For Survival

    Eastern Ghouta is in a state of emergency. Around 400,000 civilians are trapped, suffering starvation and intensive bombing, with schools and medical facilities being deliberately targeted. Aid can't yet reach these people – but our crucial psychosocial support can. We urgently need funding to continue to provide this vital lifeline.

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