Emergency Statement from CanDo

7 May 2019: In the past eight days, at least 77 civilians, including at least 8 children, have been killed, many more seriously injured and 150,000 people displaced due to an escalation of airstrikes, indiscriminate barrel bomb attacks and artillery strikes on Hama and Idlib countryside, in Northwestern Syria.

Worryingly, we are once again witnessing the targeting of health facilities and schools - a violation of international humanitarian law. Reports are stating that at least six hospitals and six primary health care centers have been targeted by airstrikes and artillery shelling, including a hospital supported by one of CanDo’s Partners, Hand in Hand.

In urgent response to the escalation of heavy bombardment, CanDo calls for:

  • all belligerent parties to cease hostilities which are having a profound and devastating impact on civilians in the area, in contravention of human rights and humanitarian law,
  • the International Community and United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to urgently implement UNSC resolution 2286 for the protection of medical facilities,
  • armed groups supported by Turkey in Afrin and the Euphrates Shield Area to provide unfettered access to civilians fleeing the violence in Idlib and Hama, and;
  • Turkey to open its borders to civilians wishing to flee and to humanitarian organizations providing impartial relief to civilians in need of assistance in parts of Syria under Turkey’s control

At CanDo, we are rallying our team, community and resources to support our local partners as soon as possible. The needs that have been expressed by our partners prioritise emergency care, post trauma care and support for people displaced by these bombings.

Dr Rola Hallam, British-Syrian doctor and CanDo Founder said: “I am devastated to hear about the recent attacks. The bombing of hospitals is not only illegal as they are protected by international humanitarian laws but is also profoundly unethical and unacceptable. Hospitals should be sanctuaries for individuals and never used as a weapons of war. We need the international community to uphold these standards for our collective safety”.

To help support the people of Syria, visit our campaigns page at https://www.candoaction.org/campaigns where we will launch our urgent appeal in coming days.

For updates about the latest news in Syria, visit http://www.syriahr.com/en/














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Barrel bomb attacks and artillery strikes in Northwest Syria
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CanDo's emergency response to barrel bomb attacks and artillery strikes on Hama and Idlib countryside in Northwestern Syria.