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In 2016 we crowdfunded a hospital
In 2018 we came together to keep it open
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In 2017 & 2018 CanDoers supported


455,911 people




7 crowd funding projects


working with


5 local partners


In 2019 we will be supporting more partners and more lifesaving projects.





People screened for malnutrition












Malnutrition is a big concern in the area. Hope Hospital provides screening services and outpatient and inpatient management of severe and moderate malnutrition for vulnerable people including pregnant and lactating women and children between 0-59 months.





No. of health consultations









As well as providing specialist care for children with serious illnesses, Hope Hospital provides consultations for children and pregnant women and new mothers. They check for health and provide medicine and support for minor illnesses to ensure that the most vulnerable people stay healthy.





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Thanks to your support, Hope Hospital and its staff have supported, treated and cared for many thousands of people who otherwise would have had nowhere to go. In total, Hope's doctors and nurses have directly and indirectly supported an incredible 335,669 people.




Hope is saving lives

Hope Hospital for children provides a vital lifeline in Northern Syria. Set up through the extraordinary People’s Convoy campaign, after the previous hospital was bombed out of existence, Hope Hospital is a triumph of humanity. People came together believing in hope, solidarity and the ability of individuals to make a difference. And what a difference they made.


Hope is special. As the world’s first crowdfunded hospital built in conflict, it is also the only specialist children’s hospital in the area, offering a rare refuge for locals, returnees and internally displaced people. When faced with closure in 2018, the international community rallied and saved Hope Hospital from closure. Once again, people power saved Hope.

This April, our CEO Rola was lucky enough to visit Hope Hospital and its brilliant staff. She was given a tour of the hospital and learnt about the lifesaving work they do. You can see more of her reflections on our Facebook and Instagram pages.





Hope Hospital is free for all patients, and must meet general running costs - exacerbated by the dangers and costs of working in conflict. Hope's current funding is running out and if they can't raise enough money to cover the hospital, Hope Hospital will have to close its doors. If you believe in the importance of Hope Hospital, please support them below.

What Hope has achieved

Hope Hospital provides paediatric services supporting a community of 170,000, including the local community and a great number of internally displaced people. The hospital serves children under 18, and treats approximately 100 in-patients per month, as well as providing important consultations for approximately 3,723 outpatients.

Hope provides:

Vital outpatient consultations to all children, offered 6 days a week, free of charge.

Inpatient medical services 24/7, including neonatal and premature infant care, intensive care and minor surgeries free of charge.

Education and coaching on good IYCF (Infant and Young Child Feeding) and hygiene practices to staff at the outpatient and inpatient facilities.


Recent Key Wins:

Acquiring an X-ray machine after a great deal of negotiation - which will allow for more accurate diagnoses of medical conditions.

Completing construction of Hope Hospital's pharmaceutical and logistics warehouse.

Volunteers making a huge effort to help with severe staffing shortages.

Getting three new lifesaving incubators, bringing their total number up to ten.


The Need for Support Now

The conflict in Syria is now in its eighth year and has now become international with multiple countries and groups involved in warfare. Internationally supported airstrikes continuously bombard civilian areas destroying hospitals and schools, killing civilians and forcing thousands to flee for their lives.

In April this year the situation worsened as humanitarian corridors (de-militarised zones, or safe spaces) in the North West were subjected to shelling and violence causing 330,000 people to flee their homes. In addition, 25 health facilities were targeted, damaged by air strikes and shelling. Ambulances have also been targeted and destroyed claiming the lives of NGO Health workers. Hope Hospital is in Jarabulus, one of the areas receiving huge new waves of displaced people. Many require urgent healthcare and support having travelled long distances and are living in undignified, squalid shelter conditions. Vulnerable pregnant women and young children are among those arriving in great need of care and support.

The Doctors and Nurses at Hope Hospital are relentless in their dedication to providing medical services to all in need, despite the many dangers and difficulties they face.

With your support Hope Hospital can continue providing its services amidst rising and critically urgent needs. Contributions will support with medicines, medical supplies and equipment, therapeutic foods and hospital maintenance essential for keeping power on so that life saving surgery can be carried out. They will also support staff salaries which is critical given the lessening number of clinicians remaining in Syria and choosing to work amidst knowledge of targeted health facility attacks.


Meet the Hope Hospital Team

The Independent Doctors Association who run Hope Hospital are an international independent non-governmental organization providing medical and humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflicts, natural disasters and epidemics regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. The IDA was founded in 2012 by Syrian doctors from Aleppo in response to the healthcare and humanitarian crisis in Syria. They now have 343 employees including 90 doctors and 177 nurses who work to provide free lifesaving support to people affected by conflict. You can find out more about them and support their work directly on their website.

Meet the IDA

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