Most of us care about other people; it’s what makes us human, what holds societies together. But caring alone won’t solve the considerable crises our world faces. To do that, we need to act. Big or small, it is acting on that caring impulse that makes us humanitarians.


Caring and acting are the two sides of the humanitarian coin. We can’t wait to introduce you to people who embody this so brilliantly: the humanitarians who are making a difference to the lives of people living in war-devastated communities.


Hear their stories and see what happens when we care and act together.






Humanitarian Stories



Name: Salwa Saudi


Job: Co-founder


Organisation: Ghiras Al Nahda (GAN)



"When you give happiness to people around you, be sure that you will be the happiest"







Name: Alaa Swileh


Job: Protection Programme Coordinator


Organisation: Hand in Hand for Aid and Development



"He got hope again and he can give hope to people again"









Name: Layla Hasso


Job: Communication Manager


Organisation: Hurras Network



"Her name was Malak. And her story is special"







Name: Dr. Mouhannad Abdulqader


Job: Programme Coordinator


Organisation: Independept Doctors Association (IDA)



"For me, I realised that you have to always, always, try"










Name: Zainab Muslimani


Job: Crowdfunding Coordinator


Organisation: Ghiras Al Nahda (GAN)



""We can offer simple things that are simple and easy for us, but for others are very important and a huge help"









Name: Helen Kenny


Job: Library Commercial & Marketing Manager





"A children’s hospital being bombed.. you can’t not take notice of that"









Name: Dr. Hatem Kannas


Job: Hope Hospital Medical Manager


Organisation: Hope Hospital / IDA



"When you work together, you can achieve great things"









Name: Malika Harbalie


Job: Hope Hospital Head Nurse


Organisation: Hope Hospital / IDA



"I love my friends and would never leave them"









Name: Ghiath Alddin Zeen


Job: CEO


Organisation: Ghiras Al Nahda (GAN)



"[Having] antibiotics was more dangerous than a gun"









Name: Omar Safadi


Job: G.Director Deputy / Programs & Grants


Organisation: Independent Doctors Association (IDA)



"It was such an amazing moment when you see the smile of the children having something to eat."









Name: James Roberts


Job: CEO


Organisation: mOm incubators 




"They were essentially losing a generation. So I thought there's got to be a better way"









Name: Riyad Alnajem


Job: CEO


Organisation: Hurras Network



"Everyone can be a superhero. Ordinary people, women, men, young people, old people"









Name: Hiba Al Haji


Job: Programmes Manager


Organisation: Ghiras Al Nahda (GAN)



"It's the sympathy that you get from people around the world, even if they don't know you in person, they care about you"








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