What we do



  • 1. We build children’s hospitals and provide critical healthcare services to children
  • 2. We resource and support their lifesavers - the frontline healthcare workers
  • 3. We speak truth to power to protect frontliners and children in war zones




  • 1. We’ve built the world’s first crowdfunded hospital and delivered 16 lifesaving health projects reaching 982,000 people in just 4 years.
  • 2. We’ve provided over $1million in grants to local health organisations, trained 336 frontliners and delivered 2,000 hours of development coaching.
  • 3. From meeting with prime ministers and presidents, to creating talks that have been seen by over 12m people, to mobilising thousands in solidarity with Syrian medical heroes.



We are a bridge: channeling resources and support to where they’re needed most and have the biggest impact - on the front lines, in local hands. We connect trusted, vetted local health workers who are best placed to know what is needed, when, where and how, with global supporters.


Our work this year is to support frontliners health and wellbeing by developing a bespoke wellbeing programme which we will deliver with local partners. You can donate here and sign up here for newsletter updates as we go.